The first doses of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine arrive in San Antonio

The first doses of Pfizer's COVID vaccine arrive in San Antonio

This article will bUpdated throughout the week with numbers of coronavirus cases and other need-to-know information about the epidemic in San Antonio.

COVID-19 vaccine arrives in San Antonio: The first doses of the coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer have arrived in San Antonio, according to UT Health San Antonio. UT Health, the largest medical school in the city, received nearly 6,000 doses on Monday morning. The vaccine will be given to frontline healthcare workers from Wednesday.

White House urges Texas to close: The White House Coronavirus Task Force is increasingly suggesting that states, including Texas, begin to close again, saying in reports sent to state leaders this month that they are not doing enough to slow the worst increase in COVID cases the country has seen. This increase is the fastest increase in the number of cases. The widest prevalence of intense transmission, with more than 2,000 counties in the red zones of COVID; The longest rapid increase is now in its eighth week, which we have seen, “says reports, which were sent to Texas and other states on December 6.

December 13th

COVID-19 updates: One day before the expected arrival of thousands of doses of newly approved coronavirus vaccines, San Antonio hospitals received dozens of patients with the new coronavirus on Sunday as the continuous increase in the number of daily cases continued for weeks.

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