‘The epidemic is still with us’

'The epidemic is still with us'

The Formula 1 2022 calendar was officially launched on Friday night. Stefano Domenicali says he is pleased with the fact that a record number of 23 Grand Prixes will be held next season.

“We are excited to announce the 2022 calendar as we prepare to enter a new era for the sport with new regulations and cars for next year designed to race closely.”, says Stefano Domenicali on the official Formula 1 website.

The CEO of Liberty Media hopes that next year will be as exciting as this season and that spectators will be welcomed back everywhere. “It’s been amazing so far with big fights on the track, big crowds adapting to the races and fans returning to racing after the effects of the pandemic. We look forward to welcoming more fans next season and hopefully 2022 will be more natural than the life we ​​have all lived in the past two years.”

Changes to the 2022 calendar are not excluded

The Miami Grand Prix, the second of its kind in the US on the agenda, is being held for the first time. “We are very pleased with the interest in Formula 1 from places looking to host racing and the growth of the sport and believe we have a great calendar for 2022 with destinations like Miami joining the iconic and historic sites. It is always with us, and therefore we will work on that. We have to act vigilantly and safely – to protect all our employees. and the communities we visit.

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