Sunrise UPC struggles and tries to heal itself…

Sunrise UPC struggles and tries to heal itself...
Sunrise UPC’s latest campaign.

Sunrise UPC has been performing poorly over the past few months. The American company continues to communicate with the owners at the expense of its customers, and is now trying with an expensive advertising campaign to heal its brand. yes but which one?

Obviously, it wasn’t the UPC artichoke that was marked, but rather the colors of Sunrise. At least at first glance when examining the examples given on Thursday by the operator. When we analyze in more detail the various components of this broad advertising campaign, we wonder …

Sunrise, UPC or UPC sunrise?

Of course, Sunrise UPC has reputable names in its portfolio, such as Swiss airline or industrial SIGG or FB Basel. Also, while watching the clip where the famous football club appears, I see the Sunrise UPC sign on a T-shirt…

Conversely, when you browse through advertising depicting the Swiss, you come across a page that says the sun is rising. We also find in this photo a picture of Federer possibly coming off a trip after burning a lot of kerosene and generating tons of carbon dioxide. Federer perfectly embodies his role as an ambassador for sustainable steps! Meditation.

Sunrise UPC adrift?

To reassure funders, Sunrise UPC reports that it is launching this extensive operation today and that it will run until the end of November 2021. But who can care? Definitely not a customer! and Sunrise UPC to add a layer: “Themes are set up for print ads, Digital Out Of Home sites, online platforms, and point-of-sale marketing,” according to this text.

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Once again, we have the impression that there is no longer a captain on board. While the merger is really struggling to take shape in practice, the two brands are straining themselves with uninteresting and questionable considerations and may be unable to convince customers who want more clarity and positive signals, such as 5G offered to loyal customers, mentioned Wednesday. ..

Xavier Studer

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