The Elden Ring game trailer has survived

The Elden Ring game trailer has survived

Perhaps in every event where video games are announced or trailers feature titles we already know about, two words are often mentioned in the chat: Elden Ring. One of the most awaited games today. After all, it’s no wonder that the developers are working on experienced developers from From Software, who have found success like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Sekiro. Even acclaimed writer George R.R. Martin, mainly known for his series The Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), is involved in the development. Unfortunately, we haven’t learned a lot of new information since the initial announcement at E3 2019.

However, that changed today, when VGC magazine came with surprising news. According to his information, a new trailer for this game is now circulating on the Internet, but they cannot show it to us. According to VGC, the footage from the game shows a traditional close-up battle, which we can already learn from previous spirits-like games. There are also fights with bosses. First with a dragon spitting fire, then with a huge enemy wielding a sword. The trailer is also for a duel display on horseback in a large open world.

Here are the leaks so far:

VGC editors only saw the portion of the trailer in which the release date was not mentioned. However, according to them, the development was hugely complicated by the pandemic and the game internally was postponed several times. It is said that Elden Ring is unlikely to be released this year.

In theory, however, we can look forward to an official release of the trailer in the near future. Journalist Jeff Group recently said in a podcast that according to his information, the game should be presented in more detail soon. Notwithstanding, he was head of Xbox Marketing RefusalElden Ring should be appearing at an expected Microsoft event this month, but the game could possibly be featured by the same publisher, Bandai Namco. Registered trademark “Bandai Namco Next”, which could be an online presentation provided by other large gaming companies.

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