The Cyclo-cross World Cup promises a battle between Vos and Brand

The Cyclo-cross World Cup promises a battle between Vos and Brand

One is the title holder, the other is a seven-time world champion. Lucinda Brand and Marianne Voss will board a plane to the United States on Tuesday with the possibility of a battle for the world title in cyclo-cross. Also on Sunday at Hoogerheide, the two turned out to be too strong for the rest. “Marianne looks good in that,” Brand learned. “I saw again how strong Lucinda is, even though she may still be running a cross from the day before,” winner Voss said of her opponent.

Voss made another attempt to divert attention to others. “It’s the World Cup, and then all of a sudden there might be a few other riders.” National coach Gerben de Knigt didn’t want to get rid of Hungarian Cata Blanca Fez. “If she has a good day, she can last a long time.” But de Kneijt also knew that when things go fast in Fayetteville on Saturday, there’s usually two up front.

It’s really cool how Vos is back on top once again. She was once unbeatable on the field with seven world titles, six in a row. But the last shirt in the colors of the rainbow dates back to the 2014 World Cup. In recent years, she has become more than an outsider with the bronze, three years ago in Denmark’s Bogensee. In 2020, she missed the World Cup because she had to have hip surgery, and last year she finished twelfth without revealing her identity.

“It doesn’t say everything, such a victory,” she said, after she was able to fire Brand in the final round, “but I’m traveling to America with a good feeling.” Puck Pieterse also engaged well, but he will be riding next week with promises. Two weeks ago, Voss Brand also won and became the Dutch champion for the first time since 2017. The 34-year-old from Brabant split her program a little differently this winter. With a few passes right after the road season and then a long break and a training period. “The season has gone as I had hoped.”

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Brand, who is two years her junior, has crossed the finish line 17 times this season in a rainbow jersey. De Dordtse demonstrated a force majeure that Vos only currently appears to have broken. “Marianne is just a world star, it’s that simple. Write it down for next week. Although I also understand the eyes will be on me.”

The brand took home the trophy for the World Cup on Sunday. She was by far the most regular of the occasional fifteen. “Of course my season has been really successful, 110 percent, if that’s even possible.” But on Saturday, the interest is greater anyway. “Ah, we do it to ourselves too by giving more value to such a one-day race. Because there’s a shirt attached to it. It’s still crazy.”


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