The current trial version comes with a comprehensive search function

The current trial version comes with a comprehensive search function

After the first beta version of “Nova Launcher 8” was released just a few days ago, Nova Launcher has been announced for sale. A message that did not appeal to the masses. Nova Launcher is acquired by Branch Metrics, but developers must stay on board. Nova will focus on power users and personalization in the future. Developer Kevin Berry will add some of the features that the branch supports, and they will be optional like most features in Nova.

Now a new beta has been released with build number 8.0.2 and it already includes a first branch function, which is a very useful search function. However, as promised by the branch, this function is turned off immediately after installation and must be manually activated by the user. The new search function combines contact options such as phone, WhatsApp and SMS for each contact. In addition, the so-called exact results are displayed, with which, among other things, you can send a very detailed message from the search result of any application, stating the name of a contact of this person.

It is said that some bugs have been fixed from the first beta version. This includes issues with resizing tools and text in the edit dialog and app drawer. So if you still want to stay aboard Nova despite Branch’s analytical backgrounds, you can now try out the new features of the new beta.

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