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The second coming of the Coronavirus has put India as a whole in crisis. As the COVID-19 crisis intensifies in the country, foreign countries and world-class technology companies are providing millions of aid. Tech giant Google has announced a $ 135 crore grant to India, including two grants from its foundation. Part of this will go to Give India, while the second fund will go to UNICEF. Both are intended to purchase medical equipment and help families affected by Kovid-19. Not only the company, but several Google employees, also known as Googles, contributed to the fund.

Google announced that it will provide financial assistance through Give India to help families in crisis with their daily expenses. Funds from the global agency UNICEF Google will also be used to provide emergency medical care, including oxygen and testing equipment.

With the spread of COVID-19 cases, India is facing a shortage of medical equipment, including oxygen concentrators. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has tweeted that the Covid crisis in India is severe. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has also announced his support for India.

New Google funding includes 3.7 crores of rupees raised from more than 900 Google customers who have come forward to help India at a time when Kovid-19 cases are on the rise. Google said the funding also includes advertising grants for public health campaigns aimed at educating and educating people about Covid-19.

“Over the past year, we have helped Megoff and the World Health Organization deliver messages to audiences focusing on how to stay safe and the facts about vaccines,” Google said in a statement. With the new funding, the advertising grants will receive Rs 112 crore. Google said the fund would be used by local health authorities and nonprofits to provide coverage in more languages.

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English Summary: Google Pledges Rs 135 Crore to Fund India’s Help Fight Covid-19

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