The Connected Economy: Netflix Brings Mobile Games

The Connected Economy: Netflix Brings Mobile Games

Today, in the connected economy, Netflix is ​​gearing up to launch its own line of mobile games, while people in Argentina are turning to playing on the metaverse to stave off rampant inflation. In addition, Google’s parent company Alphabet launched its quantum technology operation Sandbox AQ, and Dutch startup ParkBee raised $33 million.

Netflix releases new mobile games this month

Netflix has announced the launch of its Netflix game series on Android and iOS devices, available for free to all subscribers with no ads, fees or in-app purchases required. Among the first games released were “This Is A True Story” from Frosty Pop, “Shatter Remastered” and “Into The Dead 2: Unleashed”, both from Pik Pok.

Crypto gaming has become a powerful source of income in Argentina

With salaries dropping, crypto games have become a popular source of income for people in Argentina, with 9,400 visits this year to Decentral Games, the world’s most popular metaverse site. Argentina ranks fifth in the world for people who play games for income, and Brazil ranks seventh, with both countries experiencing double-digit inflation. Inflation in Brazil exceeded 10% and Argentina is struggling with a 10-month high of more than 50%.

Quantum Tech Group Sandbox AQ from Alphabet goes solo

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has announced the launch of Sandbox AQ, which will provide independent companies with software for quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI), the software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor announced. Sandbox, founded by CEO Jack Hydari, was born in Alphabet six years ago. Earlier this year, Sandbox launched AQ, an independent innovator of quantum AI solutions for the financial services, healthcare, computer security, US government, and other computer-intensive industries.

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Amsterdam Startup ParkBee seals $33 million financing deal

ParkBee, a startup from the Netherlands that turns rarely used parking spaces into places that can be reserved for the public, has signed a €30 million (about $33 million) financing deal. Werner Paul Burma, CEO of ParkBee, said: “We are delighted to have a well-known and experienced entrepreneur such as Kees Koolen (CEO and Founder of Koolen Industries) join ParkBee as an investor.” “Someone with a lot of experience in the world of onboard technology platforms is an appreciation for the work and dedication of everyone at ParkBee.”

The payment company provides financing for the repair of the car

Payments FinTech Opy is expanding into the automotive sector, allowing drivers to use their OpyPay tool to pay for service and repairs at authorized car dealers across the country. The CEO added that the Opy service is an attractive payment option for customers who have to pay for major auto repairs.

New PYMNTS data: 57% of consumers prefer Advanced ID verification after trying it

About:57 percent of consumers who have used advanced methods of identity verification, such as voice recognition when calling customer service, say they will do so again. The Consumer Validation Experience Report surveyed nearly 3,800 consumers in the United States to find out how providing innovative validation experiences helps companies deliver superior customer service across all channels.

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