The confrontation between the United States and Canada, Shiffrin combined

The confrontation between the United States and Canada, Shiffrin combined

Beijing – This was an Olympic final where you can plan ahead.

For the sixth time in seven Winter Games, he will play the United States and Canada for gold in women’s field hockey. A match that seemed almost inevitable during the Beijing Olympics will take place Wednesday night at 11:10 p.m. EDT, with live NBC coverage.

It will be one of the most anticipated events of these games in North America.

Also on Wednesday Nights on NBC, Michaela Shiffrin is in the Alpine Combined contest.

Here are some of the must-see places (all times east):


Canada won four Olympic gold medals in women’s hockey and the United States won the other two. Canada has 11 gold medals at the world championships and the United States has nine. Nobody has one.

When the two teams met in the preliminary round for this tournament, Canada won 4-2, while the United States was leading 53-27 shots.


Canada has outperformed its opponent 54-8 in six matches. The United States outperformed its opponents 28-8.

There’s also a quarter-final in men’s hockey on Wednesday: USA Network will show some of Finland and Switzerland live at 5:05 a.m. – and Sweden against Canada at 8:30 a.m.

Finland and Switzerland compete for the bronze medal in women’s hockey. USA Network covers this between 11 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Alpine skiing

Shiffrin still does not have a medal at these Olympics and has confirmed plans to enter the maximum six possible events in the Alps. This means that the joint event and the team will come for her.

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She has yet to finish ninth in her first four races.

The complex includes a downhill and meandering path. The Downhill segment will be shown on NBC prime-time and ZigZag on USA Network.


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Marti Olspo Roysland has won three gold medals and a bronze medal in the Beijing Olympics so far. She is expected to compete again for Norway in the women’s biathlon.

This event will be shown on NBC in the afternoon.

Suzanne Scholting of the Netherlands is trying for her third gold when competing in the women’s 1,500m short track speed skating. It will be broadcast live on USA Network tomorrow morning, with a prime-time presentation on NBC.


The US curling team will play their final qualifying round match against Denmark, live on CNBC at 8pm. The United States, who won the gold medal four years ago, fell to 4-4 when they lost 10-4 to Italy.

“If some games go in the right direction, we can just win our last game and see what happens,” said John Schuster.

American women face Japan on CNBC at 5 p.m.

Pay attention too

China’s Elaine Gu, one of the stars of this Olympic Games, participates in the qualifiers for the Freestyle Babe half. NBC will show the event live in prime time, and USA Network is also planning live coverage of it. … USA Network will broadcast the men’s and women’s sprint finals live early in the morning. It is broadcast in the afternoon by NBC. … USA Network will cover live coverage of the men’s 5000 short relay race in the morning, with NBC showing primetime. …the NBC men’s figure skating final in prime time.

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