The Chinese economy is on the rise, and the US outlook is getting worse

The Chinese economy is on the rise, and the US outlook is getting worse

BNR macroeconomist Kiss de Corte says the economic numbers for China are looking reasonably good. “But this is because of a crazy stimulus program.” Moreover, there are still serious doubts about whether the Chinese government’s numbers are reliable. According to De Court, the bad news comes out of America: Provisional numbers show that the US economy performed worse in November than it was in October. “But that wouldn’t surprise any of the ordinary listeners.”

‘The economic negativity of Brexit diminishes in the face of new UK lockdown’

The reason for this economic recession is the ever-increasing number of Coronavirus infections and the restrictive measures that it follows. Restrictive measures and lockdowns are the way in which they permanently turn or turn them into a negative for the economy. The latest vaccine news could be a “plus.” But so far the UK has little positives. “The numbers there are dramatic. They don’t do themselves any favors.”

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