The car over Australia turned out to be a space debris – video

The car over Australia turned out to be a space debris - video

A brightly burning body resembling a meteor flew over Queensland, Australia, in the sky. Domestic astrophysicists claim that the “massive star” was space debris – the remnants of a Chinese rocket.

The corresponding video was posted on the hosting of the YouTube video.

The fall of an illuminated object caused fear among many Queensland residents, but it did not cause any harm.

According to the information andUniversity of Southern Queensland astrophysicist Johnty Horner Claims What or what “Meteor” was The remnant of a Chinese Long March 3B space rocket, which carried a navigation satellite into near-Earth orbit.

“At first I thought it was a meteor, but later, when it crashed, my partner and I started to think it was a space debris. It was very exciting.” – The observer noticed.

The orb, which entered the atmosphere and began to disintegrate, reached about 12 meters in length, and in width – about three.

Beautiful Hard Piece Horner said.

According to scientists, the object fell into the Pacific Ocean, which is a natural “dump” of space debris.

As I mentioned “apostrophe”, earlier Notice the locals in the sky over Kamchatka A large meteorite that did not reach the ground and collapsed.

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