The burning of the Chevron refinery is under investigation

The burning of the Chevron refinery is under investigation

Richmond – Officials said on Monday that an unspecified equipment problem at the Chevron Refinery was sparking the fire.

Shortly before 1:10 p.m., reports of visible plumes of smoke above the refinery made multiple posts on social media.

In a statement before 2 p.m., Chevron spokesman Brian Hoppinger said the combustion activity was due to a disturbance in the processing unit.

Hubinger said it was a Level 1 warning, one of the lowest on the county community alert system scale, without sheltering in place.

An email copy of this alert described the severity of the accident as high, including the release of sulfur dioxide, and indicated that wind speeds were from the north at 10 mph.

According to reports from this news organization, the refinery has seen multiple burn reports in the past year, including two consecutive days in February as well as the August episode.

Anyone with questions can call the general refinery number at 510-242-2000, ask about specific noises or odors at 510-242-2127, email [email protected] or go to richmond to get real-time air quality data.

Call George Kelly at 408-859-5180.

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