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WhatsApp is preparing to roll out a feature that users have been waiting for for years, however, the news may not be good for everyone or up to expectations.

Of course, WhatsApp does not lag behind its competitors in many areas, but “Telegram” outperforms the Facebook-owned chat application in a specific area, it seems, as it allows the login of multiple users on a single device. However, this gap is being addressed by WhatsApp, which users have been waiting for for years.

As reported by WABetainfo, details about the multi-device feature were revealed in a screenshot obtained by investigators. Unfortunately, the upcoming feature does not seem as comprehensive as WhatsApp users would like.

To begin with, multi-device support will be limited to WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop and the Facebook Portal smart screen.

So, if you were hoping to be able to sign into multiple WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone or Android device when you implement the feature, you will be disappointed.

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The screenshot revealed by WABetaInfo, is for a menu screen titled “Multi-Device Beta”. The page says: “Why join the beta? After connecting your devices, your phone will not need to stay connected to the Internet to use WhatsApp on the web, desktop or portal. Up to 4 additional devices and one phone can be used simultaneously.”

WABetaInfo said this feature should be rolled out to iOS and Android beta testers within the next two months.

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However, the site has added “performance and quality” notes that may affect how quickly the program is rolled out.

Although the first iteration of multi-device login seems not to meet users’ expectations, there is a possibility that a future update will add multiple logins across mobile devices.

WABetaInfo said: “But will the ability to connect a second mobile be available in a future update? It must be said that WhatsApp was also working on a sign out option, which only appears on linked devices, so it is really possible to imagine that we will be able to Connect mobile devices too, in the future, but this first multi-device release only allows WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop and Portal to work without an active internet connection on your phone.

Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s biggest competitors, allows up to three different users to log in on just one device. Whereas Signal, launched by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, only allows one user per device.

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