The best ways to charge 2021 free fire jewels quickly and for free

Ways to ship Free Fire 2021 gems easily and conveniently through our website, where we offer you the method for free in some countries and the way to buy from Google Play for Android phones, and we will offer you another way to get Free Fire jewels by using the ID from one of the sites at low prices for game lovers, It is known that the free fire 2021 game has met with everyone’s approval because of the spirit of adventure and fighting to stay alive, and here are the details, so follow us.

Ways to charge free fire gems via ID

The Jewels Free Fire game is a popular fighting game that everyone looks for in the recent period, and there are many ways to download the Free Fire Jewels game for free, as it is possible to download the game without paying any money by using the ID, or through the Facebook account and this way It is through some sites for downloading games, and also there is another way to charge free fire gems for free by transferring the Google Play Store to an American account, and here are the ways to easily charge the gems:

Download Jewels Free Fire game to get gems for free

To recharge the Jewels Free Fire game for free, you must follow the following steps:

  • Log in to the Google Play Store from your own phone, then transfer it to an American account.
  • The American account helps make it easy to collect points and then use them later to recharge Free Fire Gems for free.
  • You can try to download applications that give you points when downloading, without installing, where you can click on Cancel and Calculate Points.
  • The points earned from providing points can now be used to download programs.
  • These points are transferred to the store account to be used to recharge Free Fire Gems for free
  • From the store card balance, open the game offers for Jewels Free Fire and get the appropriate offers.
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This is one Methods of charging gems for Free Fire We will explain to you how to transfer to an American account:

How to transfer the store account to an American account to be able to recharge Free Fire Gems

  1. First, go to the Google Play Store, then go to the tag at the top of the storefront, which is in the form of three dots.
  2. Select the payment methods box from among the options that appear.
  3. Select the label for payment methods and then click on other payment settings.
  4. Select the Google Chrome tab, then move to the three-bar tab.
  5. From the settings, change the country to America by calculating the payments.
  6. Type in the US address, and also describe the address, then click Save Data.

Jewels for free fire 2021 game download site link using ID

Download the game Jewels Free Fire is a method of one Methods of charging gems for Free Fire Free of charge, by following the following steps:

  • Log on to Select the Jewels Free Fire game from within the site.
  • Enter your ID, or you can log in with your Facebook account.
  • Some of the work of these steps, the site gives you some offers, which you can choose from among them to ship the gems.
  • The site gives you offers on gems, and the greater the quantity required, the more attractive an offer will be to encourage you to obtain more gems.
  • Now you can enjoy charging Free Fire Gems and enjoying playing with ease.
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In conclusion, we have explained to you in a more brief way Methods of charging jewels free Fire 2021 easily and we are happy to receive your comments about everything we offer you and follow us to learn more.

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