New on Netflix: Spectacular Battles in ‘Pacific Rim: The Black’

New on Netflix: Spectacular Battles in 'Pacific Rim: The Black'

Pacific Rim fans have anticipated the animated series for a long time and now it’s finally time …

Several months after the release Pacific Rim: an uprising Netflix announced that an animated series will be released. Now, after about three years, it is finally time. Animated series Pacific Rim: black It will be appearing on the Netflix streaming service very soon.

In the animated series we follow a brother and sister searching for their parents. They have to do it in Australia that has been destroyed by monsters. This turned out to be a very difficult task, but fortunately they can count on the help of giant mica.

Mica is a robot that they can operate as pilots. That way, not only do they have a better chance of finding their parents, but they can also beat the kejo.

Amazing fights
Netflix has it Pacific Rim Fans are already starting to get some excitement with the release of the first trailer for the animated series. The trailer featured loads of amazing fights.

Can’t wait to watch this new cartoon series? It won’t really test your patience any longer. Hence, the series can be watched on Netflix from March 4, 2021.

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