The American Football Association equals the wages of men and women

The American Football Association equals the wages of men and women

The US Soccer Federation will reward men and women equally. The American Football Association announced this Wednesday. A new collective work agreement has been concluded with the women and men of the national teams.

For the first time, football players receive prize money equal to what men get in the final tournaments. Thus, American football is the first in the football world and is the first association to equalize the rewards.

“This is a historic moment,” said Cindy Barlow Kohn, president of the NFL. “These agreements changed football in the United States forever and could also change the world of football.”

In February of this year, it was announced that American football would “commit to promoting equality in football”. At the time, the exact financial arrangements still had to be worked out in a collective labor agreement. The American players got this confirmation after a long battle with the Federation.

Led by superstar Megan Rapinoe, the women’s team competed with the American football team. They even went to court, but two years ago they rejected a $66 million claim. After years of legal battle, the two parties have found each other. “We have resolved our longstanding dispute over equal pay,” US Soccer said in a statement in February.

The United States is the most successful country in women’s soccer with four world titles. The American football players extended their world title in 2019 by defeating the Netherlands 2-0 in the final. They’ve also been leading the world rankings for quite some time. The US men’s team is much less successful, but the guys are paying better so far.

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