Son Elon Is The Richest Man In The World: Why Musk’s Mom Still Sleeps In The Garage Entertainment

Son Elon Is The Richest Man In The World: Why Musk's Mom Still Sleeps In The Garage Entertainment

The son of Elon is the richest man in the world |

Why is mum still sleeping in the garage

Elon Musk (51) is the richest person in the world, with assets of about 260 billion euros. He can do just about anything…

But when Mama Mae, 74, visited her offspring in Texas, she didn’t sleep in a luxury hotel or a multi-million dollar villa. no! Or musk pitched her tents in a garage!

This is what Mama May said. And the Times revealed, “With this statement, many are astonished.

Billionaire Elon moved his life to Texas and now lives near the location of his space company, SpaceX. Near the SpaceX missile test base Musk entered a small mobile home. Not even 40 square meters in size and only $ 50,000 expensive. W: It doesn’t belong to him personally, but rather to his company, SpaceX.

“You can’t have a luxury home near a missile base,” says Mama Musk, explaining the billionaire’s unusual home. She again explains that her very wealthy son “is not at all interested in property” despite the billions he has in the account.

Elon Musk has long announced that he has sold his real estate. In April, he said in an interview that he “doesn’t have his own apartment anymore” and often stays with his friends.

The SpaceX Starbase in Texas


Even if the saying goes: There is a place in the smallest cottage, Mama Mae in Texas would probably prefer the garage. When she travels from Los Angeles to check on her son.

The 74-year-old hasn’t revealed exactly what this garage looks like. But just an idea! Will the mother of the Tesla boss sleep next to a fictional escape?

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