The American Dream: Will Kate and William go to the States, too?

The American Dream: Will Kate and William go to the States, too?

Earlier this month, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge announced they had big plans for the other side of the Atlantic. Watch out, Harry and Meghan, you won’t be alone anymore the Royal family Who came to conquer the hearts of Americans!

Out to the United States

in show Earthshot Award Prince William announced in London this month that his most prestigious climate award will be handed out in the United States next year. Because, says William, in order to bring about real change, they must also engage this global leader on the issue of climate. However, it is still an eye-catching option. At the awards ceremony in England, all guests were urged not to come to the British capital by plane, but to think about the environment. How will Cambridge deal with it when their event takes place in America? A la Gretha Thunberg across the ocean in a sailboat? Or will they send Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan as their representatives in the United States?

big crowd

While the latter may be the most responsible for the environment, it doesn’t sound like Prince William and Duchess Kate’s plan. They would like to appear themselves in the United States, precisely because the British royal family is gaining more and more popularity there. A source close to the couple said: “The Cambridge team is targeting America and wants to make sure they are highly regarded there. It is very likely that they will make an important visit next year.” Vanity Fair. “They realize that they may have lost popularity because of meeting Oprah, and now they want to.” the support restore again. America is a very important audience for them.”

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Prince William and Duchess Kate at the Earth Shot Award. Photo: BrunoPress

So there’s definitely a chance that William and Kate will also make the big crossover in 2022, although he won’t be on a private jet. The big question remains whether they will also stop in California to visit Harry, Meghan, Archie and Lily. Because the reunion Fab FourThis will only improve its popularity in the States.

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