The 10th mission of the Giz Mars helicopter, total mileage exceeded 1.6 km

The 10th mission of the Giz Mars helicopter, total mileage exceeded 1.6 km

From the quivering first flight to the familiar tenth flight, the Ingenuity Mars helicopter has once again reached a new stage. On its recently completed 10th mission, it reached a total flight distance of 1.6 km and maximum ground clearance. Come to 12 metres. The performance of this instrument for experimental purposes was much better than what the engineer had expected.

On April 19, US Eastern Time, the smart Mars helicopter just took off from the surface of Mars trembling, climbed 3 meters above the Earth, hovered steadily for 39 seconds and then landed. This is the first time that humans have been outside Earth. Realize a manageable energy journey.

Then Giz began launching missions that made more and more breakthroughs, challenging altitude, speed, flight time or flight distance. On the ninth flight earlier this month, Giz broke its own record for speed and flight time. – The speed is 5 meters per second and the flight duration is 166.4 seconds. Some experts also made an animation of the ninth flight path (double speed).

Now, the tenth mission of Giz has once again broken the previous record for flight altitude, reaching 12 meters above the ground, and the total flight miles exceeded 1.6 kilometers; The flight distance is about 95 meters, and the flight time from take-off to landing lasts .165.4 seconds.

The mission flew over a high ridge called Raised Ridges in the Jezero Impact Crater, one of the sites the Perseverance may visit in the future. The intelligence is expected to take a series of images to help scientists assemble a stereo image in place.

This small Mars helicopter lasted on the surface of Mars for 107 days, 76 days longer than the original mission design. Since these days, it has also succeeded in two flight software updates to improve the ability to take color photos during the flight. Now fetch 43 color photos and 809 black and white navigation photos; In addition to total miles in excess of 1.6 kilometers, Goitt’s time on Mars also exceeded 14 minutes, which is 112% higher than expected.

Overall, Wiz has expanded our knowledge of Mars in unexpected ways, and now we can continue to encourage and enjoy it and bring more new horizons.

(Source of the first image:Twitter / NASA JPL

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