Tesla: A Tesla Model S Plaid turns into a fireball while driving

Tesla: A Tesla Model S Plaid turns into a fireball while driving


07/04/2021 –

TEverything about Tesla is spreading fast. Good and Evil. In the balance is the fact that the Fremont-based company It will produce more than 200,000 units in a quarter for the first time in its history, specifically 206,421 vehicles and deliver 201,250 vehicles to customers.

Most of them Model 3 and Model Y That adds 204,081 units produced and 199,360 deliveries. The rest, 2,340 units produced, of which 1,890 were sold, correspond to Models and for tenth style.

Model S Plaid +

Finally, production of what we could call the second major update of these two premium models from the brand has begun. And when that happens, it has the problem of canceling one of its stellar variables Model S Plaid +.

If Tesla boss Elon Musk presents in January, the Model S will have a very powerful version arriving in June, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds.

In June, Musk canceled the arrival of this version with one of his explanations, whose arguments weren’t too deep: It’s not necessary to get a Plaid+ version of the Model S because the regular Tesla Model S Plaid has roughly the same or less benefits. .

Musk specifically said via Twitter: “Plaid+ has been cancelled. There’s no need for that because Plaid is just as good.”.

It really is, because it can reach 1,000 horsepower and accelerate in 1.99 seconds in the US test from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) and converted to 2.1 seconds in the European 0-100 km/h, a number that makes it the fastest salon, as Musk promised.

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Aside from cancellation, which always makes Libra tilt to the downside, fires enter the scene, which is more serious and timely news, but when it does it spreads across the globe.


In this case, a car that was circulating on Pennsylvania Avenue in Haverford (Pennsylvania, USA) caught fire and ended up becoming a large fireball, according to Mark Gerargos, of the law firm Gerargos & Gerargos, a lawyer for the driver of the burning car outside the car. The news jumps when that car is a Tesla Model Plaid, bought a few days ago by the owner Pay 129,000 dollars.

The lawyer was responsible for exposing the case on social media, at the same time he told Reuters news agency.

As always in these cases, Tesla has avoided giving any information about it, and will do so in any case, when the investigation requires it and if NTHSA, the US Transportation Security Agency gets in, as Tesla has always done and how it is. You will in this case.

What the attorney does is highlight the frightening situation his client has been through in a new, high-quality car, reminding Elon Musk that when he introduced the Model S Plaid, he said that “It will be faster than any Porsche and safer than any Volvo.”.

The fact is that, according to the owner, the car began to smell of burning and there was smoke coming from the back.

distance Horrible and terrifying moments As described by attorney Mark Gerargos, his client managed to unlock the central locking doors and get out of the car that had become Fireball on Pennsylvania Avenue, as the Model S Plaid kept spinning on its own and caught fire.

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The fire chief of the crew responsible for putting out the fire, which took nearly three hours to put out, confirmed that the fire was completely burning in the vehicle and was still going.

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