The dramatic defeat of the stunt of the Swiss team after a penalty shootout in the quarter-finals of the European Championship against Spain

The dramatic defeat of the stunt of the Swiss team after a penalty shootout in the quarter-finals of the European Championship against Spain
Spaniard Mikel Oyarzabal escapes after the winning penalty kick.Build Getty Images

The penalty shootout, necessary after 1-1, was a festival of fouls, with three Swiss and two Spaniards missing out. But the Swiss leave the tournament with honor, and they have to content themselves with eliminating France when they executed the penalty shootout perfectly. Cry their hot tears, the Swiss, as close to the semi-finals as they were.

With his scores, including a 45-minute stretch, Switzerland backed off. The Swiss erected a red wall. They threw themselves for everything. Goalkeeper Jan Sommer excelled. With every minute approaching the penalty shootout, the faith of the Swiss grew, and the despair of the Spaniards, who lost to Russia on penalties in the last World Cup, in the eighth finals. The arrested Captain Shaka shot his men during the interruptions. They were great pictures. However, the Spaniards won, because the Swiss took horrific punishments.

Red Freuler

Midfielder Remo Freuler’s red card after 75 minutes brought an abrupt end to the Swiss’s best stage, with a score of 1-1. Well, the card was a heavy penalty kick, because the Atalanta midfielder played the ball. On the other hand, Freuler could have broken Moreno’s ankle with his other sliding leg.

In this sense, it is good for referees to monitor the health of football players. Britain’s Oliver immediately drew the red card and VAR found no reason to correct it, as it should, because VAR is only allowed in the event of obvious errors.

Spain won three consecutive titles, 2008, 2010 and 2012, with the world title in the final against the Netherlands being the highlight. Since 2014, Orange has presented it 5-1 in Salvador, the results have been lower, with Italy and Russia eliminated in the last two tournaments. National coach Luis Enrique is building a new team. Lots of possession, although the writing is not as short as it was in the days of Iniesta and Xavi. The game sometimes looks amazing and then gets stuck in an unprecedented dullness.

Switzerland – The first quarter-final match of the European Championship for Spain was very exciting. The match was somewhat unattractive until the end of the first half with a seemingly logical victory for Spain, who quickly handed St. Petersburg a 1-0 lead and may have brought problems on themselves. He initially looked up to Pedri, the young man from Barcelona, ​​at the age of eighteen. How he turns, passes and plays hard, almost always in front of the man, while maintaining the overview, it is a lonely chapter of the teenager. He swayed gracefully across the field.

Shaqiri (left) scores 1-1.  AP . image
Shaqiri (left) scores 1-1.AP . image

No, Switzerland was able to do one trick, or so it seemed for a long time. The French often remember last Monday when they failed to control the match against Switzerland after 3-1, partly due to neglect, and eventually lost penalty kicks, due to Mbappe’s wasting. Can the Swiss do it again? Oh no? It didn’t sit well with her either. Captain Granit Xhaka, the star against France, has been suspended. Substitute Denis Zakaria of Borussia Monchengladbach advanced in the 7th minute to block Alba’s shot, but the ball changed direction and goalkeeper Sommer did not have any chance. It was his tenth goal in this tournament, for which the European Championship broke all records.

Back to competition

Moments later, Brielle Embolo, one of the most important Swiss in attack, was knocked out with an injury. However, Petkovic’s team returned to the game, first only visually, by playing a little more boldly, by advancing and particularly dangerous through corner kicks. Then came that real opportunity, a gift from the Spaniards, which led to a 1-1. The equalizer was right, because Spain thought they could easily fill the time with this eternal possession. When centre-backs Laporte and Pau Torres clumsily lost with the ball, Froeller crossed a low cross and captain Shaqiri scored his third goal of the tournament.

The Swiss were stronger now and could have won within 90 minutes, but Frueller’s red card forced national team coach Petkovic to make substitutions. The Swiss had nothing to contribute offensively. In an effort to pass time up to the penalties, knowing that those who face France in the series had been beaten up, that was the plan. The plan succeeded. Then came the penalties. Penalties again. Only now they are lost.

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