Tesco hires 225 new drivers for home delivery in Ireland

Tesco hires 225 new drivers for home delivery in Ireland

Amazon risks fines in the UK and EU
The British Competition Authority is investigating Amazon. Meanwhile, the European Union threatens the Internet giant with a heavy fine. Charged Retail reports that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) wants a formal investigation into Amazon. The British Competition Authority is said to have been keeping a close eye on the US company for months.
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Ireland: Tesco hires 225 drivers to expand delivery service
Tesco will hire 225 new drivers in Ireland as it expands its grocery delivery service in the country. The retailer says demand has increased significantly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. After opening 11 new collection points (Click & Collect) in 2020, the retail chain is now expanding its existing fleet by adding 100 new delivery trucks.
Source: breaknews.ie

Norway: Collaborative Pledges to Advance a Global Governance Model to evaluate after criticism
Coop Norway has announced plans to reconsider the structure of its governance model after criticism that members are underrepresented at the highest levels. Tore Tjomsland, CEO of Coop Norge and CEO of Coop Øst, said the retail group will form a “committee” to review its structure and identify areas for improvement.
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UK: Sainsbury shares progress on new plan
One year after his appointment as CEO, Simon Roberts will explain the implementation of his new plan. During the IGD conference on June 30, Roberts and the senior management team will provide stakeholders with updates on retail chain trading priorities, followed by a live question-and-answer session.
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IGD helps the sector with new sustainable packaging goals
The IGD brought together a large number of stakeholders to set a new common goal for the sector to halve the environmental impact of packaging systems by 2030. Last year, the IGD brought together stakeholders from the food, FMCG, packaging and waste management sectors to form a Sustainable Packaging Working Group. The ambition of this working group is pertinent to looking at future legislation and is a stepping stone towards joint action and change.
Source: igd.com

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Tesco concludes international wholesale activities
Tesco has begun phasing out its international wholesale business and plans to end it entirely by the middle of next year, Retail Week reports. Although the division fared well in 2020, Tesco made the decision after a “thorough assessment of its growth potential.” The division exports Tesco’s private labels to approximately 20 partners worldwide, in markets such as Australia, Saudi Arabia and Europe. Ashwin Prasad from Tesco: “It was a difficult decision but we are convinced it was the right one. We will support our partners during the upcoming transitional period.”
Source: Retailanalysis.igd.com

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