Ilham Tamrouti outperforms himself in America | the bridge

Ilham Tamrouti outperforms himself in America |  the bridge

College Station/Eugene/Campen – Ilham Tamrouti made an excellent appearance at the NCCA outdoor competitions in the US last week. Athlete AV Isala ’96 managed to reach the final in the javelin throw and finished in 23rd place in the final fight of this international competition.

Tamruti studies in America at Chicago Loyola University, one of the smallest universities in America, and has participated in the NCCA outdoor competitions. “This is the biggest competition in the US, where international athletes are also allowed to participate,” says Mark Juncker, AV Isala ’96 trapeze coach.

Tamrouti’s goal was to reach the final. So she had to peak in the semi-finals at College Station in the US state of Texas. In a field that includes 45 women, it ranks 12th in the best positions. It worked.

She won the second set with Kamber’s new record of 50.74 metres. Then the most powerful women in Western America got into the business. She eventually took last place (12th plate) and was allowed to go to the Grand Final in Eugene. With this she was able to achieve her great goal.

In the final in Eugene, Oregon, USA, things went a little slow last Thursday. She placed 22nd and finished 23rd. However, Juncker speaks of a great achievement. “The semi-final was perfect. It is impressive that she made it to the final and it is an achievement in itself that she made it to the top 24.”

According to Juncker, my tamrouti have developed excellently. “She is getting closer and closer to the top five nationally. As an athlete from a small university, I made it to the final. In doing so, I was commanded to be respected. She may soon be able to join a bigger university. She really needs more hours of training and she needs more From facilities. This is possible in a larger university. There it is better supported and can continue to grow,” concludes Juncker.

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