Telekom discontinued fixed tariff: what customers need to know now

Telekom discontinued fixed tariff: what customers need to know now

Magenta Eins Plus should indeed be a paradigm shift in Telekom: one bill for everything. For a flat rate of €80, you can book a real flat rate for the landline and the Internet, but a flat rate for the mobile phone and its data is also included in the tariff. In addition to the mandatory roaming in the European Union, it also included 1 GB of data volume for many exotic countries. And all this without a long minimum contract.

But in the spring the Magenta Eins Plus disappeared from the scene for new customers. Instead came Magenta One Unlimited. At first glance, a similar offer, but with a two-year contract, it’s a bit more expensive and again with two separate bills for landline and mobile. Now it is also the connections found in this tariff to the collar.

Telekom: Affected customers should call the hotline

Telekom is currently notifying Magenta Eins Plus customers to discontinue the tariff.

Photo: Telekom

As reported by Teltarif, Telekom is currently writing for relevant clients. There is a message saying that Telekom has decided to discontinue the Magenta Eins Plus product. You would like to discuss with the customer what this means concretely for the customer’s communications contracts and what options are available. Therefore, concerned customers are requested to call a toll-free hotline.

There is no legal objection to the termination of the connection by Telekom. Because what many customers don’t know: The provider also has the option to terminate the contract at the end of the minimum contract period. Since there is a four-week minimum for Magenta Eins Plus, Deutsche Telekom can also terminate the contract at short notice – if not in the company’s best interest.

Realistically, the only alternative left for the concerned customers is to switch to the Magenta Eins Unlimited tariff. At least if you want to stay with Telekom. But other providers also have similar definitions.

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