Tech companies deceived humanity

Tech companies deceived humanity

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that technology companies have deceived humanity by ensuring that large areas are connected to the Internet through satellites.

Of Chilpancingo, Guerrero, the chief executive, said there was no technology to integrate the network in the wild and mountainous regions of Oaxaca or Guerrero, despite the fact that he had led himself to believe it was possible.

“From here, I take the opportunity to express wholeheartedly that they have deceived the people, and I believe that it is not only about Mexico, but about the world, they have deceived humanity with a lot of propaganda about technological progress, but in facts very little progress, there is no possibility of illuminating a country from Satellite and it is possible to have an internet system in that country.

“And it’s not because he says: It costs too much. No, because we’re willing to commit resources, because it’s fundamental, and online connectivity is a revolution, it’s not yet an answer. They’re talking and we’re talking about car electrical systems, smart buildings, driverless cars, but In fact, there is not enough technology,” the President of Mexico stated.

He agreed that connecting the entire country to the Internet was still an unfulfilled promise.

“Yes, it is technologically complex, but it will be of great importance, progress, transcendence, to connect Mexico to the Internet throughout the national territory.

“This is an outstanding issue, and here we haven’t progressed. And it’s not because of a lack of budget, not to mention a lack of political will, it’s that we’ve had difficulty, a lack of technology,” the CEO insisted.

He emphasized that network connectivity would have to be resolved through the physical infrastructure, with the signal being transmitted via optical fibers, antennas and repeaters.

And he considered honest the decision of the telecommunications company headed by Carlos Slim to withdraw the ads that claimed that they covered the entire country because he said they were false.

“I think Carlos Slim was a show of honesty, an honest attitude, because they had a message, a commercial saying ‘All Mexico is the Telcel area,’ and I said, ‘Carlos, that’s not right, you can’t talk on the phone, I’m in the towns and from the morning… Even in the afternoon I can communicate, we have no signal, there you have to look for the long-awaited signal to be able to talk; The order was issued to remove the ‘ad’, related to Lopez Obrador.


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