Team Selects Falcoholic: Week 8

Team Selects Falcoholic: Week 8

Editor’s Note: I swear we picked it up before the match. We swear.

Hey alcoholics! The eighth week is now coming and the Atlanta Falcons are 1-6, face gazing 1-7 as they face the Carolina Panthers on the road.

The Falcoholic team made their picks through Tallysight, where all of our picks and predictions will be shared throughout the season. It’s a great platform not only for predictions, but also for finding out how you will face professional sports writers and analysts.

Here are the picks for Week 8 employees:

Will the hawks prevail on Thursday evening? Probably. Our staff, in general, are not very confident in falcons’ ability to cope with discomfort and prevent seasonal infestations by leopards. Matt Chambers predicted the Panthers would win:

“The Falcons really should show me something to believe in. They flashed against a few teams, and put in only one full game against Minnesota. Looking at the remainder of the season, how many of these would have scored? If the new coaching crew couldn’t outlast Doing this against the Lions, I don’t expect them to be able to compete, let alone win, against Carolina. “

We’ll see if hawks shock the world, but it’s hard to believe now. Even when they are Should Winning, they seem to find a way to finally blow it up.

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