Team runners to the final track of the UCI World Championships against Australia at lightning speed | Cycling

Team runners to the final track of the UCI World Championships against Australia at lightning speed |  Cycling

The Dutch team runners qualified for the final on the opening day of the World Cycling Championships in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France. Roy van den Berg, Harry Lafrisen and Jeffrey Hoagland were not the fastest team in qualifying as well as on the first lap.

The Dutch sprinters had a qualifying time of 41,993 after a false start. In the first round, China was convincingly defeated with a time of 41,747.

However, Australia was twice as fast: 41,896 in qualifying and 41,630 on the first lap. Thus, the final match, which takes place later tonight, will be very exciting.

The Dutch trio has won the world title in the past four years and is the Olympic title holder.

Track riders compete for bronze

The Dutch team’s runners will battle for the bronze medal on the opening day of the Track World Championships in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

On the first lap, Kyra Lamperinck, Chan Braspininks and Stevie van der Peet were too fast for Japan in 46.529 seconds, but in the other three races, Germany (45.983, world record) and China (46.458) were faster. They lead the final. The orange trio will compete with Great Britain for the bronze medal.

In qualifying, the Dutch trio did well for the second time (4,6643) behind defending champion Germany.

The tournament continues for team runners after 8:30 pm. Finals will follow after 9:15 p.m.

Shanne Braspennincx, Kyra Lamberink and Steffie van der Peet in the sprint game. © ANP

Once again the World Cup silver Van der Duyn

Just like the year before, 21-year-old Mike van der Doyen took off to win the silver at the Track Cycling World Championships. Just like last year at Roubaix, she had to put up with Italian Martina Fidanza after 40 laps. Van der Doyen went twice before the finish and saw Fidanza still get past him, but he stayed ahead of the rest of the field with a final effort.

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When Fidanza came, I had a race in my life. I’ve never seen twice this much before. Last year I finished second as well and that was very unexpected, but I’m probably much happier now than last year. This is a crown for what we have started in recent years. This gives a lot of motivation. “

Van der Duin combines track and road career. She rode with Le Col – Wahoo for the past two seasons and wore the Young Female Best Rider jersey for two days at the Women’s Tour de France this summer. Next year it will switch to Canyon-Sram.

Earlier on her first day in the World Cup, Van der Doyen drove with the Dutch pursuit team for the sixth time and thus qualified for the final day. This world championship will continue with the pairing race and omnium, the part in which she will compete in the 2024 Olympics. Van der Duyen, with her orange and white painted nails, omnium is the most important thing. But this is a good start.”

Mike van der Doyen (centre).
Mike van der Doyen (centre). © ANP

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