Tax reform is an ‘attack on wealth’

Tax reform is an 'attack on wealth'

Member of Parliament Webern van Haga, businessman and BVNL leader, says the Cabinet will kick businesses out of the country if wealth tax is raised – in Box 2 and Box 3. Last week, Finance Minister D66 Kaag described the CPB’s report on unequal tax rates as ” important mirror.

CPB research shows that the wealthy bear the lightest burden, while the relatively poorest have to pay more in taxes. Many parties in the House of Representatives see this as unacceptable, and therefore are calling for an overhaul of the tax system. By taxing the rich more, the poor should get more air, a large portion of the House argues. But not if it’s up to BVNL leader Wyburn van Haga. He sees the intended plans as an “attack on assets,” he told BNR reporter Sophie Van Leeuwen.

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Van Haga does not see the possibility of increasing tax rates in boxes 2 and 3, respectively, tax dividends from shares and return on savings. “Entrepreneurs are okay with paying taxes, but only on profit. Only risk should be paid, and if you don’t take risks, and you are a civil servant, it is probably inconceivable that there are people who get up at 7:00 in the morning and work 12 hours a day. And then make a profit and build Wealth But it is very strange to make a large takeover of money there, says the deputy.

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Jealousy Taxes

Although the CPB has shown in its research that the rich pay relatively less tax than the poor, Van Haga rejects this research. The deputy, who called the tax measures already in place “jealousy taxes”, believes that “this is simply not true.” You pay an incredible amount. If you have over a million assets, I think you’re paying 1.78 percent or something, while it’s not said at all that you’re making that return. Van Haga sees a better solution in paying taxes on the actual return that someone makes. But we shouldn’t raise jealousy taxes in Box 3 and say that people with more wealth will pay for the crisis. With this you will only realize that people will flee to Belgium, Dubai and Switzerland, the BVNL leader believes.

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‘It has no meaning’

Van Haga certainly does not see any benefit in raising tax rates in Box 2, where entrepreneurs pay tax on the return on the shares they own, for example in their own company. You actually pay over 25 percent corporate tax on that (it’s actually 26.9 percent, editor). The CPB thinks this is very little, but if someone pays that money, you have to pay dividend tax again. And all of this together is the same as the highest rate in Box 1. It really doesn’t make sense at all, says Van Haga.

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