Taliban fire into the air at a mostly women protest in central Kabul

Taliban fire into the air at a mostly women protest in central Kabul

According to AFP, a group of about 70 mostly women gathered in front of the Pakistani embassy. They accused Pakistan, which has traditionally had good relations with the Taliban, of meddling in their country. The photos show banners reading “ISI, stay away,” a reference to the Pakistani intelligence agency. Last weekend, the head of that service was in Kabul, possibly for consultations with senior Taliban leaders.

Yesterday, a group of women took to the streets in Kabul. They have protested for women’s rights and representation in the new Taliban government which is due to be announced anytime, according to the BBC. The Taliban dispersed the group with tear gas and pepper spray. Women also demonstrated in other Afghan cities in recent days, such as the northern Mazar-i-Sharif and Herat.

Airport advice

Meanwhile, the international community is busy reopening Kabul International Airport. Turkey, Qatar and the United States, among others, are involved. Qatari Foreign Minister Thani Thani said in a joint press conference with his US counterpart Blinken today that he hopes the airport can be used again for civil aviation “in the coming days.”

He stressed that no agreement has yet been reached with the Taliban on how to run the airport. Blinken said the United States is in talks with the Taliban about charter flights to transport nearly 100 American citizens from Afghanistan. According to him, the group had reiterated its guarantee that people would be allowed to leave with “correct documentation”.

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