El Salvador: Bitcoin is the official currency

Ελ Σαλβαδόρ: Επίσημο νόμισμα το bitcoin – Πως θα γίνονται οι συναλλαγές

The official currency (along with the dollar) is now the bitcoin of El Salvador, making the country the first to introduce cryptocurrency into its official transactions. The move, announced by the government in June, divided citizens and sparked a storm of reactions.

In particular, the President of El Salvador, Vice Bukele, announced that from September 7, companies in the country will be obligated to accept digital currencies when paying.

It should be noted that the citizens of El Salavador will have to download an application that will serve as a digital wallet. In fact, the government and e-wallet will donate $30 to citizens.

At the same time, the creation of more than 200 ATMs across the country will allow the transfer of dollars into Bitcoin.

Citizens of San Salvador protested, believing that the government was trying to distract public opinion from the real problems of the country. At the same time, many are concerned about the currency’s stability, the BBC notes.

It is noteworthy that Bukele tweeted that his country had managed to secure 200 bitcoins, while shortly afterwards he indicated that another 400 bitcoins had been added.

The president also sent instructions via Twitter on how to download the app:

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