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?? Elon Musk Explains via Twitter what the Tesla logo stands for
?? It has already been discussed in the forums, and the wildest doubts have emerged
?? Designer reveals potential errors in Tesla logo concept

Until 2017, there was a lot of speculation about the meaning of the Tesla logo. In the Forum Quora, for example, the most diverse assumptions are made: from the hypothesis that the T was an abstract replica of Nikola Tesla’s face to the assumption that it was just a futuristic T design, everything is included. There were also some forum members who were right.

Twitter user asks Elon Musk what the Tesla logo means

At some point, he may have been overtaken by Twitter user Peter James Dean’s curiosity. Without further ado, Elon Musk asked directly and actually received an answer:

In the picture you can see that the logo represents the cross section of an electric motor

So the logo represents the cross section of an electric motor, just as the SpaceX logo describes the trajectory of the rocket. To make the whole thing clear, another Twitter user posted an image:

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the logo is so similar to the company’s initials.

DC or AC Motor: Is Tesla Logo Wrong?

One Quora user who had already guessed the correct meaning of the logo before explaining Musk was designer Daniel Fourie from California. At one of the forums, he explained that the designers – according to media reports, commissioned to order RO Studio – used a DC motor cross-section, even though Tesla uses only AC motors. It is unclear whether this is a bug or for a good reason. Musk has not commented on this topic on Twitter either.

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