Switzerland wins the FEI Championship for the second time in a row

Switzerland wins team competition in World Cup test event

The Swiss national team celebrates victory. From left to right Sachs, Melody Gunner, Nadia Minder, Robin Goodell and coach Andrew Nicholson won. Photo: FEI

Switzerland has released its business card for the FEI Nations Cup Series of events. The team started twice and won both national championships. Switzerland also won awards with the team and individually in the CCIO4*-NC-S. After winning the opening match in Prattoni, Italy, they also won the match in front of their home crowd at the Avanches.

It seems history is repeating itself. Switzerland won the second match, as in Prattoni, with a score of 127.1 and France again had to gain second place. The French finished just behind Switzerland with a total of 127.7 points. The Germans could not play their favorite and finished in a disappointing third place with a total score of 216.1.

Swiss Championship

In conjunction with the second match of the FEI Nations Cup, the Swiss Championship of Events Events was also held. Young Robin Goodell kept clear on both jumping and passing and only had to add 0.4 penalty points to his dressage score due to the time allowed in the cross. The 23-year-old Wudel thus became a Swiss Champion and won the CCIO4*-NC-S award individually.

Source: FEI

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