Google Tasks: Several innovations are coming – task management is finally getting more flexible (overview)


Task Management Google Tasks It can be a very practical and popular product, but unfortunately it lacks many features and does not even offer a standalone web client. Whether this will ever change is an open question, but there have been some major updates and integrations in the past few weeks that give hope for further improvements. Here you can find an overview.

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Google Tasks itself has only one task: to manage open tasks or to-do tasks for users. It works fine, but many functions are missing and there is not even a standalone web app. Perhaps one day that will change, because after a long stalemate, there have been several major updates in recent weeks, giving hope of increased relevance.

Recurring tasks without Google Calendar
The integration into Google Calendar not only called up tasks, but also had functionality for tasks that previously could only be used in this way. Creating recurring tasks was only possible via the calendar, but due to the recent update these can also be created via the tasks interface.

» This allows you to create repetitive tasks

Create tasks from Google Chat
Google Tasks is not only built into Calendar or GMail, but now also in Messenger and Google Chat. For chat messages that are recognized automatically, there is a possibility to create a task in the context menu. This works quite simply and ensures that the connection to the message remains.

» This is how tasks can be created from chat

Google Tasks Favorite Screenshot

Preferred job function
Tasks can be placed in any order in the task lists in Google Tasks, but that’s about organization. A new favorite function has been out for a few days, in which tasks can be marked and starred. If at least one task is starred, then there is a new entry in the list from which all favorite tasks can be called up.

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» This is my new favorite function

Print to-do lists
Managing tasks and tasks digitally is easier and clearer than using paper and pen. However, there can always be situations where you want to print a to-do list – which is exactly what is possible now. A new print function is available that prepares the menu so that it can be placed on paper accordingly.

» This is the new printing function

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