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Skiën in sneeuwzekere skigebieden

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Every year, thousands of Dutch people leave for the Alps for winter sports. Huge destination selection of course. We are looking for winter sports enthusiasts who return to Switzerland every year, that is, fans of Switzerland, who can tell us why they are such fans of this country. Of course, this also includes a beautiful image of winter sports. Soon we will be creating a nice blog with information and tips about winter sports in Switzerland with the best stories and the most beautiful pictures. Moreover, we will soon have a nice evening in the shop for them and we can even part with some short trips.

Switzerland: a country…

Beautiful Switzerland is famous for its wonderful mountains, valleys and lakes, but of course it is also famous for its chocolate, cheese and watches. We are just so happy to come to the country, both in summer and in winter. Ask us about Switzerland and we can give you hundreds of reasons to visit. But what do you find so special about Switzerland? How did you lose your heart to this country? We are looking for switzerland fans who can tell us why they come back every year and also share a beautiful picture.

Trusted snow from Austria's ski resorts
Do you know this charming mountain village?

Switzerland lovers wanted

Are you a fan of Switzerland and want to share your story including photo? mail to [email protected] And tell us why you like Switzerland. And you are not a fan of Switzerland, but do you know them? Then forward this message to him or her!

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Note: Please mention in the email if we can share your story and photo and what name we should add for the photo copyright. Unfortunately we can’t share it without…

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