Switzerland: iPhone saves a snowboarder’s life – News Abroad

Switzerland: iPhone saves a snowboarder's life - News Abroad

British Tim Blakey (41) He was very lucky on his snowboard trip in the Valais Alps in Switzerland: after falling into the rift, the iPhone saved his life!

It happened: the fitness instructor was away from the slopes with his skateboard – and according to his own statements, he suddenly fell five meters deep into the hidden fissure. He survived the fall – but his life was still in danger from the cold.

The British fell into this riftPhoto: Tim Blakey/Instagram

Blakey’s iPhone battery has only 3 percent left. But he managed to get help with the built-in SOS function. To do this, press the on / off button on the side of the device five times.

This notifies the emergency services, and the function also sends the current location to all stored emergency contacts – and informs them that something has happened. Lucky Blackie: He even had a cell phone in the crack!

Local lifeguard Michael Schwarzel, 54, was finally alerted. to me “Opinion” “I got the alarm via the Sion Operations Center – then I get the coordinates on my cell phone, a helicopter picked me up and taken to the scene,” he said.

Schwarzel continues, “He was almost unharmed, and we were able to get him out of the gap with a simple barrier and step in.”

Tim Blackie (left) with rescue specialist Michael Schwarzel

Tim Blackie (left) with rescue specialist Michael SchwarzelPhoto: Tim Blakey/Instagram

Blackie was still badly affected by the fall. “He got used to it, he was jittery and a little paler,” Schwarzel said. Again and again he thanked the Briton for the rescue.

Mountain Lifeguard: “I told him he should buy me a beer when he came back.”

How to activate the iPhone save function

Open Settings on your iPhone and then tap “Emergency SOS”. There you can set how to trigger the alarm in dangerous situations.

There are two options: either pressing the side button five times or pressing and holding the side button and one of the two volume buttons.

Emergency contacts can also be stored there, which are automatically notified when the alarm is triggered.

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