Swiss nuclear power plant takes strict action against heat wave: cut production to protect fish

Swiss nuclear power plant takes strict action against heat wave: cut production to protect fish

Switzerland, like many other European countries, is currently experiencing a heat wave. The temperatures are so high that one Swiss nuclear power plant has reduced power output to prevent the river, whose water it uses to cool reactors, from rising too quickly. This can be dangerous to aquatic life.

Temperatures in Switzerland fluctuate today by about 35 degrees. American news site CNBC According to Swiss media reports, the Pizenau nuclear power plant temporarily reduced its activity in order to prevent the Aare from warming “to a level dangerous for fish”.

The Piznau power plant consists of two light water reactors that together produce approximately 6000 GWh of electricity annually. According to Axpo, the plant’s operator, this corresponds to nearly double the electricity consumption of the city of Zurich.

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Instead of using a cooling tower to regulate the temperature, the installation in Biznau uses Aare. The plant through its activities heats this water, which eventually returns to the river. According to the operator, the station heats the water by 0.7 to 1 ° C when it is operating “at full capacity”. Axpo adds that this depends on water conditions.

Axpo spokesperson leaves in reaction CNBC Be aware that there are water protection regulations that limit the operation of the Piznau nuclear power plant when the water temperatures in the area rise sharply.

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“We are closely monitoring the situation and have already taken the first measures,” it seems. “This is a routine procedure that is required from time to time during hot summer days. We assume that we will have to reduce production further in the coming days due to the heat.”

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