Sweeper Trolley: Road Season 2021 / Miscellaneous | halsterse-zuidwestkrant – News from Halsteren and Zuidwesthoek

Sweeper Trolley: Road Season 2021 / Miscellaneous |  halsterse-zuidwestkrant - News from Halsteren and Zuidwesthoek

Road season 2021 He already knows a lot Cancellations. In months January February There are several notable prices no entry We will find.

A professional peloton usually starts cycling a year in remote, warm Australia. Coronavirus is clearly playing a major role in these cancellations. But the logistics problem in particular is the main reason. The Upcoming matches Togo Not Door; Santos Tour Below, Great Cadel Evans Ocean Race and Herald Sun Tour are all 3 in Australia. Usually these prices also have a women’s version, in 2021 there is none. Being farther away canceled; Mallorca Challenge, Malaysia Langoaki Tour, Colombia Tour and Antalya Turkey Tour. British Yorkshire Tour (April 2021) not running due to funding issues. This competition was canceled months ago. In the Netherlands, Tacx Pro Classis is not used in Zeeland for several reasons. And in Flanders there is a fierce debate about the series of spring contests in February, March and April. This is almost certain All without an audience Will take place. Along with other drastic measures. You will of course be informed of the latest developments via this section. for this reason Broom cart After all, a vector. Cyclocross results – Belgian Molebec Championship; Triumphs (new father) Woot Van Airt W. True cant (The twelfth national title in a row). Dutch championship Postponed until the date set in the fall! Cyclocross Calendar; WB = World Cup, SP = Super Prestige, X2o = X2o Trophy & O = Others. 16-01 Zilvermeercross (O), 23-01 Hamme X2o, 24-01 WB (last heat) at Overijse, 30 / 31-01 World championships Ostend final match This season! Moreover, 02-06 Middelkerke SP (eighth and last Moto), 07-02 Lille (near Antwerp) X2o, 02-13 Ethias Cross Eeklo (O), 02-14 Brussels X2o (last motorcycle), 02-20 St. s). Final chord international closure via Oostmalle (O). This ends the 2020-2021 cyclocross season. Ranking in various classifications as of 11-01; at world Cup Going Wout van Aert In the lead and Lucinda Brand Previously The final winner. Bee Telenet Super Prestige Intermediate positions led Toon Arts and Lucinda Brand. To fight for Baths Cup X2o (Number of times) I ranked first with Eli Eserbit & – of course – gluttonous Lucinda Brand. The roster was drawn up by UCI & PPC – a collaboration of organizers, teams, and riders, among others. Regarding Possible measures if More secure quotes To manufacture. Further consultations and a final version will follow. Wonderful conversion; Even before the season kicked off, the 22-year-old Swiss talent has left Mark Hershey Bee DSM Team. Signing a (profitable) 3-year contract Emirates Emirates. Hershey’s breakthrough in 2020, the winner Round stage and Walloon arrow. Second place in Liège Baston in Liège and third place in the World Road Championships. The end of Episode 197 of …

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