Samsung’s new 108MP sensor: same resolution, higher quality

מצלמה גלקסי S21 אולטרה

The Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was announced on Thursday, may come with an image sensor with the same accuracy as the two previous flagship Samsung devices, but at the end of this week the company released details of the upcoming new sensor with the S21 Ultra, claiming that it offers unprecedented imaging capabilities in the cellular world. .

The ISOCELL HM3 is the third flagship sensor in the company’s series, and as mentioned, it still offers maximum security of 108MP – but includes several upgrades compared to its predecessor, which was incorporated into the Galaxy Note 20.

Samsung ISOCELL HM3 Super PD Plus

First, the sensor size and point size have returned from 1 / 1.52 inch and 0.7 micron, respectively, in the previous generation, to 1 / 1.33 inch and 0.8 micron, as in the first generation, which means that each point absorbs more light. The dot array is still built as in the second generation, and is able to convert any 9-point square to a single point with a whopping 2.4 micron size, to increase light absorption for photography in challenging lighting conditions. This allows the sensor to capture 12MP photos in the dark with virtually no noise or interference.

Another feature designed to improve photography in the dark is Smart ISO Pro, which enables a wide dynamic range by simultaneously taking two images at different dynamic ranges and then merging them into one image with a color depth of 12 bits, allowing the reproduction of approximately 69 billion colors – 64 Time of filming 10 bits. This technology also allows more light to be captured during short exposures, so shooting in the dark involves less movement and distortion.

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Samsung has solved the focusing problem of the previous generation with the help of Super-PD Plus technology, which allows for faster focusing using special distance sensor lenses, improving metering by 50%.

Samsung ISOCELL HM3 12 bit

The imaging speeds of the new sensor are also very impressive: it is able to capture 10 pictures per second with full accuracy, which in today’s video concepts equates to more than 12k; At 8K, you can shoot at 30 frames per second; With a resolution of 12 megapixels, which is the equivalent of video quality between 4K and 6K, you can shoot up to 90 frames per second; And 4K at 120 fps.

The final improvement, the least exciting but not the least significant, is the company’s claim that in preview mode, that is, until the shutter button is pressed, the sensor consumes 6.5% less power, ensuring more steady shooting time.

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