Swatch wins the battle of “something else”

Swatch wins the battle of "something else"

Since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015, the trolling battle has become between Apple and Swatch. The Swiss watchmaker did everything in its power to prevent the American manufacturer from using the “iWatch” trademark (a few months before the introduction of its connected watch, Apple increased the number of trademark filings for that name). Quarrel Street Courtrooms lasted two years later, this time in reverse with Apple criticizing Swatch for using the logo. Put a different tag Very close to the famous Change the way you think A complaint was filed in 2017.

Today we learned that the Swiss group has won a battle: a court in London has issued the right to raise the slogan. another thing It is, however, the phrase “signature” of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook himself used it to introduce the Apple Watch in September 2014 (read: “something else”: the little phrase that says a lot). Since 2015, Swatch has sought to register this trademark, explaining It wasn’t Apple inspired, but … from Lieutenant Colombo who cornered the culprits with their question. ” one last thing ».

Recording this sentence can be considered an attempt. Bother Apple, but the latter cannot block the deposit, according to Judge Iain Purvis who sided with Swatch’s interpretation of the shrewd bogus police officer. In doing so, this ruling overrides a previous court ruling that Swatch’s intentions crossed the line between appropriate and inappropriate branding use.

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