Super Smash Bros. Fighter revealed Ultimate DLC: Start Time, How to Watch, and Predictions

Super Smash Bros. Fighter revealed  Ultimate DLC: Start Time, How to Watch, and Predictions

New DLC fighter … who could it be?

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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate The list is expanding again. Nintendo is set to announce Thursday the eighth downloadable fighter on its Ultimate list in a three-minute YouTube revelation. The event will be followed by “a brief message from director Masahiro Sakurai,” according to Nintendo.

Smash Bros. second fighter revealed. Ultimate’s Fighters Pass Vol. 2, after the ARMS graduates were announced by Min Min back in June (that was four months ago, what …?). The pass is designated to include six new fighters.

If you want to know who’s next to join the fight, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

How to see the Smash Bros Fighter Ultimate DLC reveals

As with the Nintendo MO with these kinds of things, the Japanese gaming giant will be broadcasting the reveal live on YouTube. But don’t bother looking for it – we have the link here! Just adjust below:

DLC fighter reveals start time

Here is the start date of the event:

  • we: 7 AM PDT / 10 AM ET
  • United kingdom: 3 pm GMT
  • South Africa: 4 pm Saudi time
  • Australia: 12:00 AM EST, October 2
  • New Zealand: 3 AM New Zealand time, October 2

Who is the next fighter from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC?

I don’t know, I don’t know! Why are you asking I am this is? I’m just trying to help you pursue life. Here are some of the internet’s best guesses. over there Much From love comes to a wall of the kingdom’s hearts, O people.

Can you imagine if the detection was just a toad? The Internet will have a field day. I’m ready for that. My body is ready for that.

Although, Donna Sheridan is really a good choice. It appears to be a reasonable choice. Who do you think would get a nod?

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