Summary: Texas State 21 Boston College 24

Summary: Texas State 21 Boston College 24

Okay, so let’s roll up the summary you wrote in the middle of the fourth quarter. Falling down in the final minutes of this game, BC came back to defeat Texas in the list, 24-21. Things were looking bleak for a while there, as the embarrassing loss to the House opener threatened to prove Haveli’s obsession. The Eagles were outdid most of the match, which is definitely a cause for concern, but let’s take some time to enjoy this win.

Only in his second team debut, Phil Jurkovec made a long run in the last two installments of the game, steadily moving the Eagles to the bottom of the field, contacting Hunter Long for a relegation draw. Haveli and his crew managed the watch purposefully, and were not afraid to take a few extra yards to make the final goal attempt easier. Also, yell at Aaron Bomery, the winner of the 36 yard match was just perfect. And let’s not forget the defense, who struggled for three quarters, before playing a phenomenal fourth quarter. They have consistently come with big third stops, and have kept the Bobcats goalless.

Things were looking up due early. Order BC and got a quick stop. They proceeded to march the field with relative ease. However, an ineligible receiver call kept a potential landing pass, the sack drove them back further, and the blocked field shot attempt kept them 0-0.

Texas instantly covered 70 yards in only nine plays, capped by the 1-yard lunge by Calvin Hill. He then forced the Bobcats into three teams, and seemed to build on their advance. However, TXST midfielder Brady McBride slammed a deep, unwise shot that was tilted into the arms of waiting for Mike Palmer, who brought it back 71 yards back to Bobcats 6. BC took advantage of Jurkovec’s offside QB of 1.

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The Bobcats put together another long scoring campaign in the second quarter, 11 playing 86 yards to be exact, and finished it in style. McBride found Marcell Barbee at a corner fading over Elijah Jones’ arms, the TXST led 14-7 in half.

After a three-player BC was forced to start the second round, TXST broke off another long scoring campaign, 13 playing 87 yards. McBride found Barbie on his second landing, and the Bobcats seemed to be in complete control. But the Eagles responded with their biggest flight in the game, 12 playing 72 yards, culminating in Gorkovic’s second rush of the match, just before the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter started as follows:

Bobcats: 8 Play 42 Yards – PUNT

Eagles: 5 Play 14 Yards – PUNT

Bobcats: 6 Play 18 Yards – PUNT

Eagles: 3 Play 0 Yards – PUNT

Bobcats: 3 plays – 8 yards – PUNT

So after spending some time leveling up each other in terms of offensive mess (or defensive dexterity, pick whatever you like), BC decided to step up and win it. TXST committed an early targeted penalty for covering gambling, causing the Eagles to reach 48 Bobcats. Then Jurkovec ran 5 times in a row to reach BC in the red. Another bad penalty kick by TXST, this time a heavy blow for the lane, put BC inside number 10, before Jurkovec contacted Long to link her.

Texas had just over a minute to advance and kick a field goal, but Boston College’s defense came with another huge stop. They forced three and ran out and called a quick timeout. Yorkovi ran five more rounds in a row to place the Eagles in range of field goals, and Bomerhe split the peaks to complete the colossal victory.

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