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A group of young people launched a unique initiative to help students who are unable to study online due to the lack of smartphones. Under the leadership of the Dream Riders Club, they collect, repair and distribute non-functional phones to students.

With the spread of online classes in the wake of Kovid’s expansion, it is a challenge that many students still do not have smartphones. Many people have inactive phones. Just kept with laziness to fix. The Dream Riders Club came up with the idea that repairing and activating these phones would help many children. Fifteen technicians were prepared for this.

Dream Riders Club members will pick up and collect old phones at home if notified. Or you can mail it. Apart from this, there are also opportunities for those who want to buy new mobile phones.

contact numbers




Address to be mailed

Zain Mobiles

bridge road

Bank Junction


Near Al Najah Hospital

Pin 683101

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