Races in Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Australia are also in danger.

Races in Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Australia are also in danger.

according to BBC The problems in the Formula 1 calendar are piling up. The English medium was the first to report that the Singapore Grand Prix had been canceled again this year, and he adds that there is also a big question mark about four other races. Grands Prix in Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Australia will be in doubt.

After the season was initially called off at the last minute of last year (the F1 Circus had already arrived in Melbourne for the first race), an alternate calendar was put in place that had several missing episodes that have taken a permanent place on the calendar in recent years. The Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore, among others, was missing last year and that is certainly the case again this year. according to BBC There is also a good chance of not doing more races for the second time in a row.

Cancellation of the Grand Prix in Singapore, Turkey and America are possible alternativesRead more

More problems

Until recently, Suzuka International Racecourse, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace and Albert Park Street Circuit had one thing in common. All four episodes were missing from the F1 calendar for the first time in years last season. Meanwhile, episodes in Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Australia have something in common, and again nothing positive. This year too, the races at that circuit are in jeopardy for various reasons.

Various obstacles

In Australia, as in Singapore, they have a strict policy on domestic travel, which puts racing in Melbourne at risk. In addition, Mexico and Brazil rank frighteningly high in the list of countries with the worst coronavirus numbers. Although they are convinced they can protect F1 people with special bubbles, it is highly questionable whether they can be pushed in those countries. In Japan, it is reported that only after the Olympic Games in Tokyo will it be considered whether the Grand Prix in Suzuka is possible.

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