Students Aeres vmbo Heerenveen won first prize in World Skills Netherlands

Students Aeres vmbo Heerenveen won first prize in World Skills Netherlands

HeereNVEEN – Karen Steele and Annick Kostra of Aeres VMBO Heerenveen competed last Thursday in the World Skills Netherlands Final against 6 other teams in the Flower Work category.

Karen previously competed with Indiana Hemstra in the playoffs for a place in the final. In this match they competed against two other teams.

Unfortunately, on the eve of the final, Indiana fell ill and Aniek had to fill the void at the last minute. Despite this quick change, the girls did a great job. Today he got 1 .e place.

The final match took place in Yarbor in Utrecht. In Hall 3, 10 professional competitions for VMBO were held. Between all the sounds of sawing and drilling, the girls went to work undisturbed. They had to complete 5 missions in 5 hours. A work schedule, a Biedermeier bouquet on a vase, a funeral arrangement placed on a foamiran floral heart, chests and a costing account. As if the ladies have been together for years, they made a good division of labor and compliment each other well. This was very much appreciated by the three-member jury.

Just before 14:30, the ladies were ready and cleaned up the last of things. Then the long wait began. The award ceremony began at 5:00 pm. At first a nice show by a dance troupe, then fortunately the flower arranging class was the first. And there they stood, proudly on the highest rung of the podium. And then the girls kept screaming..we just won!! So proud!

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