Startup from Lille launches new model of “Made in France” viral mask

Startup from Lille launches new model of "Made in France" viral mask

Illustration of wearing a mask against the coronavirus epidemic. – Em Lippert / 20 minutes

Shivering virus. Unfortunately, we are still far from working with the Coronavirus epidemic. Even if the vaccination campaign was progressing, we would have to surrender to wearing masks for several more months. So, even if that means being masked, as much as it does with a product that is really effective. Within a week, “Made in France” face protection products will be launched that not only prevent but also eliminate pathogens.

With the emergence of different types of Coronavirus, some models of face masks have shown their limits. Thus, the Scientific Council is now advising against the use of hand masks in favor of single-use surgical masks. In this latter area, Bioserenity has managed to innovate thanks to a partnership with researchers from the University of Lille, CNRS, Inserm and the University Hospital of Lille.

“Inactivating pathogens”

If the technical details of this new mask are not presented for another week, we already know that the technology implanted in this mask, called Cidaltex, has the potential to “disable pathogens” [virus et bactéries] They are present in the finest airway droplets and particles. “

These disposable masks are available to caregivers in the FFP2 version and to the general public in the surgical mask version. The factory lines, located in Troyes, in Ob, are already operating at full speed. Bioserenity also guarantees that its product will be available from next week without specifying a pricing.

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