Star Wars: A Squadron Test Brief reveals a new map and two new Star Warships

Star Wars: A Squadron Test Brief reveals a new map and two new Star Warships

Star Wars: A Squadron Test Brief reveals a new map and two new Star Warships

The team is behind Star Wars: Swarms Is getting in the holiday spirit! New content will be rolling out in the coming months – and it’s all free. In November, a new map and ship parts will be added to the game; Then in December, players will be able to fly two brand new ships. In an indicative briefing published in Star Wars: Squadron website, The developers explained howThe [game’s] The reception was much more than we had hopedBecause of this streaming support, the developers are giving players free bonus content.

In the November update, a new map will be added to the multiplayer game. Players will already be familiar with Fostar Haven, a fan favorite site first seen in the single player story. According to Pilot Briefing, Fostar Haven “is located in a remote area of ​​lawless space under the light of two twin stars … The residents of Fostar Haven made some improvements to their station, and they trusted neither the Empire nor the new republic.” Update 3.0 will add the map to Fleet Battles and Dogfight mode.

Next month’s update also brings four new game components. The Boost Extension Kit will give star warriors a complete boost and fuel them after use. Ion Rockets will appear in the game and “great for hit and run attacks to strip enemy shields”. The prototype of the piercing torpedoes would exceed the shields of the capital ship. Finally, the anti-material missile tower will be good for receiving main ships and main ships.

The second update will be coming to the game in December, and with it two new superstars. The New Republic and Galactic Empire will each receive a new ship to join the Squadrons. Blade Wing or B-wing will join the New Republic; And the Empire’s answer to it is cannons TIE. The B-Wing will be classified as a launcher and TIE Defender will be in the fighter category. The Pilot Briefing says compared to the original ships, the B-wing and TIE Defender. “Not quite better by default,” and players must choose based on their playing style. Both ships will be able to play in virtual reality.

The team behind S.Tar Wars: Swarms He gives fans two beautiful gifts this year. The new Map Update 3.0 and the four components will be available for download on November 25. The two new Star fighters, the B-Wing and TIE Defender, will be available in the second update sometime in December.

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