Spring is here, not Apple’s supposed keyword

Spring is here, not Apple's supposed keyword

Fans held their breath in March and nothing happened. It can now be said with certainty, that there has never been and will not be Apple’s keynote in March 2021 – unless the future Cupertino DeLorean car can change past events.

Is this for April? To believe those who originally announced this for March, the answer is yes, but who can seriously believe them? Predicting a keynote speech in March was a veritable little circus that was especially animated by clown John Prosser and many of his assistants.

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YouTubeur first announced a conference March 16, a Date rejected Written by journalist Mark Gorman, whose reliability is well proven. Never mind, if it’s not on the 16th, it is 23John Prosser, who had put his eyebrows to the test, responded, but on the 23rd, nothing at all, like what is now above his eyes.

It’s Apple’s fault in trying to deceive others DropoutsAnd He defended himself Then the clown. Plot Confirmation is very practical because it’s impossible to verify, even if Mark Gorman takes the problem To contradict it. Prosser declares, after March has passed, that it is necessarily April! Sure, by throwing spaghetti on the wall, there’s one that will end up sticking.

Is Apple really intending to organize the Special event in spring ? There have been many events during this period in recent years, but without them being systematic or major events (remember March 2018 that focused on education?).

If there is a conference in the coming weeks, it will be hypothetical anyway, as it was at the end of 2020 and as WWDC 2021 will be. Organizing a short-term product launch: Semiconductor Shortage. It is already said that MacBook and iPad production have been affected. What is the point of launching a new product if no one can buy it? You’ll tell me, this is what happens with PlayStation 5 or Nvidia cards, but Apple can delay releasing some products for a few weeks.

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Moreover, there is no doubt that new devices await new operating systems, which has already been seen in the past. IOS 14.5, which has several betas as a major update, contains several guides about a new Apple TV. macOS 11.3, also in beta for more than two months, is hiding the new iMac hardware. The latest version of iOS 14.5 is expected to be released in the next few weeks – it’s Tim Cook who said that – the tip of the novelty could be opened at that time.

Several recent announcements that could have found their place in a default keyword have been sent out in the press releases: opening the Locate network to third-party manufacturers and changing Apple Arcade equipment. Then WWDC 2021 is official and not too far away. There may be new products very soon through the press releases, but they are introduced during the keynote, and we’re not going to put our eyebrows in the clipping.

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