Spread 22 Junior Science Talents Worldwide Using Rubicon – ZonMw

Spread 22 Junior Science Talents Worldwide Using Rubicon - ZonMw

Twenty-two researchers who recently obtained their Ph.D. degrees will conduct research at foreign research institutions with a Rubicon Scholarship from NWO/ZonMw. The Rubicon program aims to give promising young scientists the opportunity to gain international research experience.

Scientists are investigating, among other things, what judges can learn from each other to decide climatic issues, how classical models are designed with quantum mechanics as a guiding principle, and how depleted soils can be rebalanced through intensive farming. Another researcher wants to know how changes in DNA can lead to disease.

Conducting research at a high-ranking foreign institute

For many scholars, experience abroad is an important step in their career. The Rubicon Scholarship enables young researchers to conduct their research at a foreign institute that provides the best environment for their research. A total of 21 Rubicon researchers will travel abroad for 24 months, and one winner will go abroad for 12 months.

facts and figures

93 researchers have applied for Rubicon, 49 of them are women and 44 are men. The overall award percentage is 23.7%. The award ratio is 26.5% among women and 20.5% among men. Most of the award winners go to the United States, a total of 8 researchers. Six researchers will go to the United Kingdom. Finally, individual researchers go to Canada, Denmark, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, and Switzerland to conduct their research.

Conduct research for up to 24 months with a Rubicon Scholarship

Thanks to the Rubicon scholarship, scholars can conduct research at a foreign research institution for up to 24 months. The amount of financing depends on the chosen destination and duration of stay. Each year, NWO/ZonMw can fund approximately 60 young researchers within Rubicon (total €7 million, divided over 3 rounds). The grants in this letter relate to the second and third pooled funding rounds for 2021.

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beat them

They were preceded by a number of researchers who went out into the wider world with Rubicon scholarships and began writing about their experiences abroad. Some vlogs were recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic began, but the research continued during the pandemic. See below how these researchers tested their overseas research experience.

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