Sponsor stories: Red Bull introduces sponsorship wings with Air Race | sports

Sponsor stories: Red Bull introduces sponsorship wings with Air Race |  sports

800,000 people in Rotterdam

The Red Bull Air Race is held twice in the Netherlands; In 2005 and 2008. Rotterdam with its port and characteristics Milestones Great location for the Red Bull Air Race. Pilots meander quickly and constantly inclined, passing between the air gates and towers swelled to a height of twenty meters and under the Erasmus Bridge at a speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour. It’s a sight never seen in the Netherlands before, with around 800,000 visitors taking place on the banks of the Meuse.

The idea for the Red Bull Air Race came from pilot Peter Pesini. The Hungarian became a pilot and in 1990 he finished second in the World Aerobatic Championships which is all about stunts, originality and technical ability.

In Red Bull Air Races, speed is the deciding factor: any pilot will reach the finish line as fast as they can, like a skater with wings. Red Bull, who is always up for sport and great ideas, sees something in him and in 2002 Bisini made his first test flight through the Air Gates. The following year, six drivers competed in their first official race in Zeltweg, Austria. A great success was repeated in Budapest in the same year. A year later, the pilots visited three cities; Again Budapest, Kimball and Reno, in the western United States.

It’s time to expand this concept. The Red Bull Air Race World Series will be presented in 2005, a series of seven races – in addition to Rotterdam, also in Abu Dhabi, San Francisco and Budapest, among others. The best driver in the world should win, which also changes Red Bull’s role.

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