Anticipating absence with work performance | HR practice

Anticipating absence with work performance |  HR practice

What is the business that works?

Cornet: “Work performance is a new measure of how well your physical and mental health determines your performance at work. In doing so, you look at how much of your work time is impeded in the performance of your duties by health complaints or illness. The concept of work performance was developed in the United States, Also based on the need to better anticipate absenteeism. Work performance appears to be a much better predictor of absenteeism.” So far we’ve looked at work capacity, which measures how well someone is physically and mentally able to perform their work, but this is slightly different from work performance. Eighty percent of the people who called the patients had good to very good function a year earlier.

How do you measure work performance?

You can measure work performance based on a short questionnaire. From UMC Groningen and the academic workshop held by Arbo Unie there, we build on the preparatory work done in the United States. We translated the original questionnaire containing 27 subtopics into Dutch situation and reduced it to five more significant predictors. These are planning, directing, physical and mental task requirements, and flexibility. So we have five questions left: How much of your working time did you find it difficult to start your work, perform it flawlessly, make repetitive motions, focus, and do tasks simultaneously due to physical and emotional health issues? to be implemented? I filled it out in a minute and based on the answers we can calculate your work performance.”

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How can insight into work performance contribute to reducing absenteeism?

“Work performance can play an important role in preventing absenteeism, especially if you measure it periodically. Then you can also follow trends. If you then see a downward trend in someone’s work performance, you can consider together: What is going on here? What could It helps you to be less disruptive in your work? For example, can we use certain tools? So you can intervene in a meaningful way, even before someone breaks down. But I also see opportunities in absenteeism counseling. If someone does well in performing Working during reintegration, he may not have to see a company doctor for a consultation every 4 or 6 weeks.While you may want to talk to someone who scores less often, eg every two or three weeks.So you can better adapt absenteeism counseling to what they need Someone really.”

In what work performance values ​​is the person in the danger zone?

We are investigating it. What we already know is that the average job performance of workers in the Netherlands is 84. This means that we can work 84% of the time without hindrance due to health problems. We hope to have a clearer picture of what these percentages say about the risk of failure within a few months. A large population survey (Lifelines) is being conducted in Groningen among 167,000 residents, where business performance is also measured. We are now drawing the first conclusions from the vast amount of data that results.”

What do business performance insights mean for Arbo Unie services?

“At Arbo Unie, we are constantly improving our services based on the latest scientific ideas. It helps us that we are close to the fire. With many chairs in universities, but also with our academic workplaces where we bring theory and practice together. As a Professor of Occupational Medicine In particular, absenteeism and work performance, I am closely involved in the development of this new concept. Existing studies now offer many interesting ideas that can be used in new applications to help organizations reduce absenteeism.”

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